Battlefield 1 is not a big change within the franchise in general. Everything is quite familiar (saving the setting, which is completely different), but DICE has managed to make the necessary changes to make the experience feel different (do not miss how to get medals or customization arms). Sometimes, in fact, these touches are so many that cost us get used to it after playing for years Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline.

One of the aspects that mystifies users is the spoteo. What about the spoteo, why me almost nobody ever does not appear on the map? In practice it is not so exaggerated, but it is true that in general, we see less marked enemies. This is because it has reduced the time a hard enemy marked . Besides being an interesting mechanic that brings excitement, it is realistic. We went from a war with drones that can go on for minutes at a soldier, a war without such technologies that make life easier for the user.

How and when spotear in Battlefield 1

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Under the circumstances, lasting less spoteo in Battlefield 1 is necessary to take this into account and know when. Before it was very common to go spoteando everything that moved; and it lasted longer, you won enough points for sighting. Now at last as little must know how to do it at the right time . For example, when you know there is an enemy tank outflanking our allies, it is the perfect time to do it. To do a useful spoteo, not without rhyme or reason.

That essential that we do when we see that there are enemies attacking an allied position and are not spoteados. In fact is in those moments when more points will get in direct confrontations infantry, because everything happens fast and have time to give us the bonus of watching when eliminating an enemy.

Moreover, the spoteo works as usual in Battlefield the same key or button is used, and during the first episode of campaign a player you explain in a tutorial how. The only difference is the duration.

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But of course, we also have tools to spotear with which it is more comfortable to do it and we can make more enemies simultaneously. We have the flare to mark the Explorer class. It has a very long range and long life, and we mark the enemies that around, not long enough to guide us. This flare also can burn enemies if they fall over or step on.

Moreover we have the binocular allowing us to see clearly enemies at long distances and mark. It is also of the class Explorer, and that is one of the functions thereof. And the game sightings reward us with better bonus if our team wins the game. That is, if we play as a team, if we use the tools of our class, our bonus at the end of the game, if our team wins, will be greater than if we do not use our computer accessories.

There is nothing more to say about the spoteo. It is more realistic provides very interesting ideas because you have to be very aware of the environment to detect enemies by their footsteps or their voices, and it’s fun, but complicated.