A week ago, in the range of Amazon online store appeared unusual PC Samsung ArtPC Pulse which stands out for its design.

Later, the Korean giant has issued a press release, which discloses additional details about the device. As it turned out, ArtPC Pulse in some way is a modular PC. As you can see in the image below, the user has the ability to install an additional cylindrical module, which contains the HDD 1TB.

More specifically, the module is supplied with an older modification of the value of $ 1,600. Exactly how the module is connected to the PC, it is not clear. In the picture there are no connectors, although they could be removed in the editor for beauty. If they do not, then we are talking about a wireless connection and drive the speaker, crowning a PC.

Samsung also revealed that body lights actually present is not just for beauty. By analogy with the ring Smart Glow the backlight system can notify the user about different events in different colors. Complete with ArtPC Pulse will be delivered as a wireless keyboard and mouse.

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