EA releases on the App Store the new chapter of “Plants vs. series Zombie”.

In Heroes you must create your team of heroes in a real trading card game . You’ll find yourself on an adventure to discover new characters and you will face powerful opponents who will try to stop you. And, for the first time ever, you can play as both of the plants of the zombies.

Available 20 plants and zombies unique heroes, with their botanical superpowers: you can choose your favorite heroes on the basis of skills and their style. The unique selection of super powers of each hero will help you define the winning strategy of your team. Create your team and diversify your skills by collecting hundreds of cards, from PVZ people who already know and love, the irresistible zombies and original plants, so that you can plan different strategies when you select the cards compatible with your hero. Only in this way you can create devastating combos. He also uses the Create-bouquet to build quickly winning decks, test strategies, and improves your decks while collections and create characters.

You can also challenge other players or friends in the games in real time and head. Leverage your tactics in free multiplayer battles or test yourself in competitive ranked games to compete with the best players in the world. Get rewards by defeating their fiercest rivals and build up a nice nest egg by completing the Dave enterprises crazy and prof. Zombotron.

In this game, each battle it will always be placed more in a map in continuous flowering. Defeat the enemies hungry for brains or botanical opponents you’ll encounter during the course of this adventure and hone your skills: each faction has its own path to follow. You can also change the device and bring your team with you: just log into Facebook, Game Center or Google Play to save your collection.

The game is available free on the App Store .