For hours.

In 2014, two university students decided to create and launch their own project: ATOM . Almost three years have passed from the first sketches, but their idea is liked so much even to the people of the web that has been fully financed with crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (over $ 70,000 collected) and is now next to the commercial debut with a little ‘delay compared to expectations (in April 2016). It is still preorder: all you need to enter your e-mail address and pay $ 199 for the basic package and $ 279 if you add an extra battery.

ATOM is a small portable box, which will give the user the necessary energy to recharge any type of efficiently device. In practice, it will be like taking a electrical outlet in your bag (weighs 1Kg) to never stay with your smartphone, notebook, camera, monitor, and other dozens of exhaust devices, especially during a working day . It has a very robust frame, which is not afraid of bumps and shocks, and includes a big as 30000 mAh battery capable of delivering the right (and safe) amount of energy for each connected device up to 150W. In addition, being equipped with a universal socket users can charge their devices without adapters and – with support for Quick Charge via USB – it will take a few minutes to return the battery to 100%.

Some examples? With ATOM can recharge to 13-18 times your smartphone (depend on the battery) or up to 2 times your notebook. It will be convenient to feed a monitor for 4 hours and the portable stereo speaker for at least 8 hours. But you can also feed tablet, musical instruments, projectors, toys, lamps and lighting systems as well as radio-controlled objects. Of everything.


But what if it is to discharge ATOM? Never fear, the engineers have developed ATOM as a modular box, so when the battery runs will be exchanged with another unit already charged for having power for hours. Also this special “power bank” recharges in only 90 minutes using a cable USB Type-C.

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