ASUS Company, expecting a high demand on video card with 14-nanometer chip Pascal GP107 prepared four versions of the design of devices GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and GeForce GTX 1050 – ROG Strix, Expedition, Dual and Phoenix. Under the brand ROG Strix Taiwanese release the following models:

  • ROG Strix-GTX1050Ti-O4G-Gaming: 4 GB of GDDR5, the core frequency is not known;
  • ROG Strix-GTX1050Ti-4G-Gaming 4 GB of GDDR5, the core frequency 1290-1392 MHz;
  • ROG Strix-GTX1050-O2G-Gaming: 2 GB GDDR5, the core frequency is not known;
  • ROG Strix-GTX1050-2G-Gaming 2 GB of GDDR5, the core frequency 1354-1455 MHz
  • .

Видеокарта ASUS ROG Strix-GTX1050Ti-O4G-Gaming

For these accelerators ASUS did not spare the two nickel-plated copper heatpipes, a pair of large fans and reinforcement plates ( on the back side of the board). With acceleration problems in new products should not be due to the presence of at least ROG Strix GTX 1050 Ti 6-pin PCI-E Power supply. To display an image provided DVI interfaces (two slots), HDMI and DisplayPort.

Видеокарта ASUS ROG Strix-GTX1050Ti-O4G-Gaming

The rest of the series (Expedition, Dual and Phoenix) presented models of graphics cards with recommended frequency of GPU – 1290-1392 MHz for GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and 1354-1455 MHz for GeForce GTX 1050. Recall that older adapters with the suffix Ti used GP107-400 core having, among other things, 768 shaders and 48 texture units, and their “younger brothers” are limited to 640 shaders and 40 TMU composed GP107-300 chip. Also, as indicated above, at 1050 GTX Ti buffer memory twice.

New series Expedition and its first representatives – model Expedition-GTX1050Ti-4G and Expedition-GTX1050-2G – seemingly nothing special stand, but, according to the ASUS marketing, designed for very heavy loads. In particular, the aforementioned prototypes cards were 15-hour test in 3DMark and a two-hour cycle of successive test system reboots. Used in the GeForce GTX 1050/1050 Ti fans are based on double bearings. Video output from the Expedition cards, Dual Phoenix, and only three – single DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI


Видеокарта ASUS Expedition-GTX1050Ti-4G

Devices Dual-GTX1050Ti-4G and Dual-GTX1050-2G equipped with dual-slot cooling systems with a white cover and two fans. Judging by the inscriptions on the box, new items are manufactured in accordance with the Auto-Extreme approach (fully automated production process) and limited power from the motherboard.

Видеокарта ASUS Dual-GTX1050Ti-4G

Design cards Phoenix-GTX1050Ti-4G and Phoenix-GTX1050-2G is plain, and the cost they are likely to be cheaper than other described in this article models. If not for the size of the casing, “Phoenix” could be made in the Mini-ITX format (length – 17 cm), because of their small cooler, and power elements and other units at least. The fan is based on double bearings.

Видеокарта ASUS Phoenix-GTX1050Ti-4G

Recall that card sales launch GeForce GTX Ti 1050 is scheduled for October 25, and the GeForce GTX 1050 – 8 November this year