Asus company is not left out and introduced their own versions of new Nvidia graphics cards . However, in the case of this situation is the manufacturer with a range of entered some chaotic. If the official website of Asus graphics cards to look into the section, you can see there are only two models of GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

If a cursory look at the press release, it is possible to find another model of the older Nvidia news. Only a careful reading of the document shows that in fact Asus has produced 10 new products, but also here left gaps, since the parameters of the two of them simply are not given, but for the rest there are only some of the important characteristics. For this reason, we have to specify what it is.

To begin with, we note that in the range of Asus now including four models Strix family (two GTX and 1050 GTX 1050 Ti), two cards of the Expedition of the family, two adapters and a pair of Dual Phoenix cards.

According to the press release, all Asus accelerators operate at frequencies recommended! Either this is a mistake, or Asus for some reason decided not to disperse factory new Nvidia adapters.

Asus представила много видеокарт GeForce GTX 1050 и GTX 1050 Ti, но мало о них рассказала

With regard to the more detailed nuances, the model 1050 GTX Ti Dual, which has received its own page on the site, crowned with the familiar white cooling system, which usually has two heatpipes. This model is characterized by a length of 212 mm and a port DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

Asus представила много видеокарт GeForce GTX 1050 и GTX 1050 Ti, но мало о них рассказала

Model GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Expedition is more interesting, since it opens up a new family. According to a press release, Expedition cards are designed for heavily used systems. In this case it is a more reliable fans with double ball bearings. These models are suitable, for example, for Internet cafe and other gaming clubs.

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Expedition released a new cooler shroud. There may be differences in the design of printed circuit board, but it is not yet known. Port selection is similar to the model of Dual.

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