The company ASRock, perhaps the most rebellious and disobedient: despite all the shouting and Intel warning she often breaks the marketing positioning of motherboards and chipsets and engages in the junior models feature originally intended for seniors. So it was, for example, with acceleration Skylake processors without a suffix to the title.

If the support Intel has banned Kaby Lake for “hundredth” series chipset, the ASRock probably would have been the first, if not the only one who would be released corresponding BIOS update. Fortunately, Intel will not prohibited, and the company is just joined to the MSI, which has become a leader in the Kaby Lake Support existing chipsets Intel 100 series

Like the MSI, it has provided support for Intel processor seventh generation with LGA 1151 all motherboards based on H110 chipset, B150, H170 and Z170 and published a corresponding list model and BIOS versions. All the updated BIOS can be downloaded from ASRock website. The list includes 21 models the ASRock motherboards, published above.