it was reported that The European Union expects to acquire the pilot production of the OLED lighting panels In March this year, allocating funds to the corresponding PI-SCALE project. Last week it became known that these plans successfully implemented. One of the key participants of the project, the Fraunhofer Institute (Fraunhofer FEP), announced the release of a pilot production of the first samples of the panels. In the near future they will be showcased at the 23rd exhibition International Display Workshops (IDW), which will be held in Japan from 7 to 9 December.

The above production will be available for participants of the project PI-SCALE, and for third-party companies. It is expected that the availability of production capacity will create favorable conditions for the development of innovative products and technologies, accelerating their development for mass production. Among the applications of flexible OLED lighting devices are called medical devices, architectural lighting, lighting of vehicles.

Source: Fraunhofer FEP

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