Approves Microsoft: Windows 10 on 7 “, 10 Windows Mobile on 9”



Nuovi requisiti minimi per Windows 10 e Windows 10 Mobile With an update in the minimum requirements, Microsoft opens Windows 10 Desktop for 7-inch devices (and above) and Windows Mobile 10 to 9-inch devices (and lower). The base memory grows, reaching 2GB of RAM.

When Redmond has released Windows 10 last summer, has also published i hardware requirements of the devices on which could be pre-installed the desktop version of the operating system. Summarizing and simplifying, all producers could load the OS on computers with screens 8 inches or larger while for those below the diagonal display would have to opt for Windows 10 Mobile.

Of recent, however, Microsoft Pipo X3 , which runs on Windows 10 despite having a 5-inch touch display integrated into the Mini PC chassis.

Among the innovations introduced in Redmond guidelines, there is also a nice surprise: Windows 10 Desktop now requires at least 2GB of RAM . Someone will be happy, others would have preferred to raise the limit to 4GB, but for sure from now on will be much more difficult to find Windows tablet with 1GB of RAM. Thankfully.

Source: Liliputing

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