In an interview with the Nikkei Asian Review, Tim Cook said that Japan will play an important role in the development of Apple technologies related to artificial intelligence.

Tim Cook has revealed that the new research and development center in Yokohama will focus precisely on Artificial Intelligence and will be very different from the R & D center that is emerging in China . That of ‘ Artificial Intelligence is a cue ball to Tim Cook, because it is a technology that Apple is still behind the competition as confirmed by several international criticism lately about Siri:

The IA has a horizontal nature, affecting all products and is used in such ways that most people do not even imagine. We want the AI ​​increases the battery life, tips on new music Apple Music and help you remember where you parked your car

The Japanese experience in the field of robotics and AI is more than known, why Apple wants the new center of Yokohama to focus precisely on this technology.

During the interview, Tim Cook has also spoken integration of FeliCa in the iPhone sold in Japan, so as to enable users to make electronic payments via contactless FeliCa standard Sony:

Our goal is to promote electronic payments and to arrive at their end cash

Apple will then work with IBM and the Japan Post Holdings to provide health care services to the elderly, taking advantage of the iPad and HealthKit.