Apple: the device will signal


environmental hazards

The future Apple device may alert the user of environmental hazards such as the presence of liquids or harmful gases . This is what we learn from a new patent proposed by the company’s Cupertino, presented all’U.S Patent and Trademark Office. As with similar records from the Cupertino company, however, it is not known whether the project will actually be translated into a real product.

Entitled “ An electronic device with a sensor in the casing of the speaker “, the patent in question illustrates the inclusion of special sensors in future devices targati apple bitten, able to detect the presence of liquid and gas in the immediate vicinity of the user. The detection system, integrated into the cavity of Speaker would alert the owner of the device with regard to potential risks for exposure, suggesting the possibility of getting away to avoid potentially serious consequences.

The choice of including the sensors inside the speakers is certainly not random: to be able to analyze samples of the external environment, such as air quality or the presence of Liquid it is in fact necessary that the sensor is not sealed inside the body. Exploiting the typical holes for the transmission of sound, consequently, the device could fulfill all these new functions. A fact that is not surprising, as already considered in Apple Watch Series 2 the group has taken advantage of its built-in speaker, cleverly exploiting it to drain any water present in the body.


The illustrated detection system may include multiple sensors simultaneously, such as those designed for the temperature, the analysis of volatile components in the water, a carbon monoxide detector a percentage of the gauge of oxygen in the air, an ozone sensor, a humidity sensor, and much more. Registered for the first time in May of 2015, signed by Fletcher R. Rothkopf, it is not known whether such a technology will be actually implemented in the future. In any case, Apple Watch is the ideal candidate for this evolution.

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