Some time ago it was reported that Apple plans be of special protective wires, which enshrines the test model of the iPhone, placed on the shelves of Apple Store. Thanks to this innovation Visitors had the opportunity to not only easily take the smartphone in hand, and put it in his pocket. Some immediately suggested that the refusal of protection “laces” gives attackers the opportunity to make a test sample from the store. However, as it became known a few days ago, Apple company has provided some defense mechanisms that make theft of iPhone meaningless.

According to available data, in order to prevent thefts at all test smartphones installed a special version of iOS software, which will block the device as soon as it leaves the action of Wi-Fi store network.

In addition, the Apple Store has multiple hidden cameras, and smartphones additionally activate the “Find the iPhone” and “Activation Lock”. If the attacker decides to turn off the smartphone first, and then try to bring it out of the store, the machine will lock after switching on.

Therefore, Apple is trying by all means reduce the attractiveness test smartphones in the eyes of the intruders.