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Who is a fan of Apple computers already know: there is a good time we are hearing rumors about the MacBook Pro, it would be more powerful and also thinner than the current model. Well, Apple has not yet revealed anything about the model, but it seems that things are much better for the side of very thin Macbook Air.

A DigiTimes Research has just suggest that Apple report will launch three more new notebooks. Thus, we can risk three guesses: the long-awaited MacBook Pro, one in the 13-inch version and a larger one with 15 inches; and a new MacBook Air 13-inch, something surprising for those who expected news from Apple that niche.

Even with the predictions of research DigiTimes, there is no way to guess what the new Air will under the hood. If we think of a new processor and more RAM we will soon see that it would not make much sense, since they increase the power of only those components would not make the Air a competitive computer market, even the size of your screen. fashion model.

Anyway, if these forecasts prove correct, we can see that Apple is finally burying the MacBook Air 11-inch. Let’s wait for news.

Source: Digitimes Via BGR

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