According to resource Digitimes citing Taiwanese supply chain, Apple started to reduce orders for the iPhone production 7 – initial sales momentum has already begun to subside. It is reported that an increased demand for the iPhone 7 was dictated not only by the appearance of a glossy black version of the smartphone, but partly a problem with the ignition and the subsequent termination of the production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Now, after three months from the date of the start of sales, the iPhone 7 demand in China and other markets, according to sources, declined significantly. Now, instead of concentrating efforts on the uninterrupted supply of components for the iPhone 7, manufacturers have gradually moved their attention to the future generation of the iPhone, which will be released in 2017.

According wandering on the web rumored upcoming smart phones Cupertino company will have AMOLED-display, glass enclosure, dual cameras, an improved single-chip systems, advanced sensors (including support for virtual and augmented reality) and wireless charging.

Contract manufacturers are waiting for the iPhone 7 sales in the first half of 2017 will not be very high, and Apple will be able to realize, at least 5 million units less than in the same period of the current of the year.