Apple company, according to Bloomberg network edition, completely changed the plans for the car with the system avtopilotirovaniya.

As previously reported, the “apple” Empire is developing a project code-named Project Titan. Its essence – to market vehicles that can move independently, without human intervention


In September of this year learned the initiative was subjected to “reset”. Apple has dismissed part of the project staff and others were transferred to the department for the development of other projects.

And now reports that Apple has refused to release a self-managed car basically. While the Project Titan initiative will continue to exist, but now we are talking only about the development of software for “smart” vehicles.

The publication by Bloomberg adds that, if successful, Apple software platform will be offered to automakers. However, there is also the possibility that the term “apple” giant yet back to the creation of their own robomobiley. By the way, it was initially planned that they will be equipped with electric propulsion.