Having secured exclusive rights to bring the documentary film “808” on the Apple Music, Apple now has shared the first trailer on twitter. This documentary is about the impact it has had – and continues to have – the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine in the music industry.

The documentary was made in 2014 and since then has been screened at several film festivals in the United States. “ 808 ” will be available in streaming and exclusively on Apple Music from December 9th, as confirmed by Apple itself.

The TR-808 has revolutionized the world of music, allowing multiple artists to create a variety of new musical genres that have survived to the present day. Its impact is still alive today, after so many years after its debut. The documentary is narrated by the voice of Zane Low, with interviews to people like Afrika Bombaataa, Pharrell Williams, Rick Rubin, Phil Collins, Beastie Boys, Questlove, Lil ‘Jon, Diplo, Goldie, David Guetta, Richie Hawtin, Felix Da Housecat and many others.

The documentary will then be available for purchase on iTunes.