Apple project to create an unmanned car closed. Now the company is engaged in purely autopilot technology


A month ago, we learned that Apple’s reduced unit dealing with the development of unmanned cars and laid off some employees. Now it is reported that the project Project Titan in its original form and completely closed.

The source, citing “people familiar with the project,” reports that Apple is no longer engaged in the project of unmanned cars. Of the approximately 1,000 members of the team “hundreds” of people have been reallocated to other projects, had gone on their own or be dismissed.

As you can see, “hundreds”, but not all. According to these data, the reason is that Apple continues to operate in a similar direction, but now has been developing not cars, but directly the system of autonomous driving. This will enable kupertintsam sell their development of various automakers and return to the project of his car in the future. Of course, if creating a system succeeds.

reported that the reason for such a change was “an incredible failure of leadership.” It was formed as early as the end of last year, when the project managers were disagreements about its future and development options. As a result, it was decided to cancel its car immediately and focus purely on the technology of unmanned driving. Fortunately, Project Titan project involves the creation of a self-governing Car it, so that all the developments in this area have not gone away and start from scratch is not required.

Also, the source says that Apple executives as a deadline for a project called the end of next year. That is, by the time the Project Titan in one form or another with this or that name should acquire a more or less “tangible” features the company to understand the prospects and feasibility of its development.


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