There remains now only to play the card of Supreme Court to Samsung whose request for a second appeal in a case in which it has to defend itself from Apple charges for patent infringement “Slide to unlock” would be rejected by the American Appeal Court .

The first verdict the judge had arrived in 2014 when both companies had been found guilty of violating their patents: in that case to Samsung were done formal request to pay Cupertino 119.6 million dollars substantial figure but quite different compared to the 2.2 billion that Apple had originally requested. At the same time, the recognition of patent infringement of Samsung properties had cost American company fined quite limited, amounting to $ 158,400.

A early October the Court of Appeal was officially pronounced, declaring Samsung guilty and imposing the payment of monetary damages to Apple for $ 119,625.

Apple has filed a patent for the Slide to unlock the October 25, 2011 probably developing the gesture that most of all has characterized and distinguished iPhone. So now the word goes to the US Supreme Court for a final decision, and this time without the possibility of appeal.

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