In the present recently Apple iPhone 7 instead of the physical “Home” button the company decided to use the touch with Taptic Engine. It is now known that in case of its failure 10 iOS offers a temporary software solution. Innovation has found one of the owners of iPhone 7 and shared them with other users. As a new generation of smart phones from Apple uses the center key, touch sensitivity, the system itself can detect failures in its work and offer a virtual button on the screen.


The user said that the problem arose with the button after a sudden shutdown. Taptic Engine smartphone began to respond by 3-4 times on each press, and then a message appears on the screen that the “Home” button is maintenance free. At the same time the system offers instructions on how to use the on-screen button.

Recall, this is not the only novelty that appeared in connection with the lack of a physical central button. The iPhone 7 Plus 7 and forced a reboot is not performed by simultaneously pressing the “Home” button on and off, and a combination of off button and volume down.