Apple now retires the Apple Watch used, but only free for recycling


Apple has decided to withdraw, together with its other products, including the Apple Watch to recycle. Unlike what happens with Mac, iPhone and iPad, Apple will not offer any compensation for the Apple Watch.

Apple updated, yesterday, its website dedicated to recycling and the responsible disposal of products. Together with iPad, iPhone, smartphone, Mac, PC and iPod, now the California company also accepts Apple Watch in order to dispose of them at their best without cost to the user. Unfortunately, users who send their Apple Watch Apple used for the disposal, will not receive any compensation and no “gift card” as it does for other products such as Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Ever since Apple released the first Apple Watch, users and enthusiasts have debated a lot and you are compared to find out what they could devalue the Cupertino smartwatch in time. With the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 2 and with the withdrawal of the model edition gold and the consequent replacement by ceramic model (much less expensive than the gold versions), the first generation has lost even more of its value. But all this does not explain why Apple has decided not to offer anything to those who send for disposal, just as if it were an iPod Apple Watch.

It is to specify that this service is not for those who want to resell your terminal but who wants to recycle it. For resale there are other third-party services and other arrangements.

Apple, on the relevant recycling Italian Page explains that “Old or new it is, we will make sure that everything is reused or recycled responsibly” and that as far as iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC or smartphone, you can receive a card gift, clearly if the device is suitable. As regards the other products, we must deliver them free for recycling. On the Italian site, which we attach here still has not appeared at the Apple Watch its voice, but are on the website the page has already been updated.

Source: 9to5Mac

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