Apple is testing more than 10 prototypes of iPhone 8


Another source confirmed previous hearing that one of the following models of iPhone, which will be released next year, can get curved OLED display.

The publication The Wall Street Journal reported that a major supplier of displays, will likely act Samsung. However, Apple is also asking other suppliers (LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display) increase the rate of release of OLED panels by 2018.

The source adds that Apple is testing more than 10 different prototypes of iPhone 8, including a version with curved display, the OLED, which is to be the most expensive. However, it is still unclear how many smartphones the company will introduce in the next year, and if any of them will be at least one new type of display.

Everyone is waiting for Apple’s something special about the iPhone jubilee. The company simply has to live up to expectations, given that over the last couple of years in the iPhone lineup has not been revolutionary changes, especially in terms of design.

Apple’s the iPhone

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