From China comes news that Apple would have decreased the production orders of the iPhone 7, following a question destined to wane in the coming months.

The note was circulated yesterday by UBS Global Research: the iPhone production estimates 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for this and the next quarter are down. Some analysts, however, the drop in production is not so much due to lower demand from the users, since Apple would soon this decision to avoid excess inventory as happened with the iPhone 6s. In practice, the company prefers to go cautious and delay some delivery, rather than risk of finding themselves various iPhone 7 unsold.

According to UBS, the production for the quarter ending in December would have fallen from 75 million to 74 million units, while for the next quarter is expected to increase from 43 million in 2016 to 42 million in 2017. Despite these minor orders, Apple should still be able to sell 76 million iPhones in the holiday quarter, one more than last year.

The same UBS expects a decline of Mac sales by 2% year-over-year and 5% for the iPad. On the Mac, Apple should raise the china in the first quarter of 2017, mainly thanks to the new MacBook Pro.