YouTube-channel TechRax famous for ruthless attitude towards mobile electronics. Much love canal authors use Apple news, which gets particularly brutal methods of violence. resorted to chemical assistance and lowered iPhone 7 in the strongest acid this time obzorschiki of TechRax in the world -. fluoroantimonic acid is then added to the experimental tray 35% solution of hydrogen peroxide, and in the end all filled with sulfuric acid

Smartphone spent. in an aggressive environment for several hours, which is not the best way impact on its appearance – covering the body with oblezlo about 80%, and the screen became dimmer Author video decided to take a chance and smartphone connected to a power outlet, and then pulled the trigger.. Ironically, iPhone 7 will remain fully operational. Download iOS took 10 normal a few seconds, after which the author went into settings and check the work of staff functions. It turned out that even the built-in speaker is not affected by the hard experiment.

By the way, many commentators have questioned what is happening in the video for some reasons. Geksaftoroantimonat hydrogen or ftorsurmyanuyu acid differently is also called superacids of the incredible setting of acidity, which is 19 times higher than in concentrated sulfuric acid. It is known that ftorsurmyanaya acid dissolves the glass, and most organic compounds because of what is stored in containers made of Teflon. In addition, the acid produces toxic gases, even when mixed with a small amount of water is powerful reaction with the release of large amounts of heat. Because of this many users have accused TechRax of lies and distortion of facts. Be that as it may, the presence of corrosive fluids in the video is not questioned, and after contact with their iPhone 7 really kept visible performance. Revision 4PDA warns that the independent repetition of such experiments is unacceptable, especially at home.