The Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Japan has an important role for the development of the holding smart technologies. AI Nikkei Review microphone, Cook revealed that as of December will be active in Yokohama an advanced Apple center which will focus on engineering smarter and who will take care of different aspects with respect to what will be implemented at the laboratories of R & D that Apple is building in China.

In particular, the research center will focus on the development of AI services, taking advantage of the experience and Japanese technologies in the field to improve not only the life of the battery, but also for make more precise Siri and accurate in the warnings and functionalities related thereto. The solutions to be implemented must then provide the best answers in some specific fields, including those of music dedicated to subscribers of Apple Music and geolocation of their parked car.

Japan is known for its expertise in robotics, and is the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial robots and innovative products that are technologically advanced.

The weak side of the “know-how” Japanese consists of the lack of funds for research, as investments have not always been sustained and sufficient to finance highly expensive by nature projects.

To try to remedy this problem, was recently opened in Tokyo ‘s Advanced Integrated Intelligence Research (RIKEN) the center which is in particular to develop artificial intelligence systems that will be able to solve problems using the so-called “Big Data.” The institute will work with several large companies, including Sony, NEC and Toyota, and will receive state funding in the amount of 99.7 million dollars in the course of the next financial year.

Tim Cook pointed out then that the Cupertino company has set up a partnership with IBM and Japan Post Holdings in order to provide health care services to the elderly through Apple devices. Given the rapid aging of the population, Cook reiterated

Japan is in the best position to define the guidelines and orient technology in this direction

During his visit to Japan, the CEO of Apple has got to meet Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s legendary game designer, and to try out Super Mario Run, coming soon on the iPhone.

Francesca Lacorte VIA