Apple gives up electric car to focus on autonomous steering system


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It’s been a long time since we heard that Apple is working on its own electric car. Now, however, it seems that the company has temporarily suspended the so-called Project Titan to specifically focus on autonomous driving platform. The information was confirmed by Bloomberg on Monday (17).

Said portal says have heard hundreds of employees who said that the company “dramatically reduced” its efforts in the electric car project. As a result, several employees were dismissed and / or asked to leave and those who remained were reassigned to other departments.

Apparently, the movement is not definitive and it may be that the company re-consider the possibility of making your own car in the future. For now, however, the focus has changed to the development of an autonomous steering system in the Tesla Autopilot templates. With it, the idea of ​​Apple is to close agreements with manufacturers willing to ship the system in their vehicles.

Unofficially, circulating the information that company executives have until the end of 2017 so that developers present a viable solution for the negotiations to start.

The change in strategy comes after successive strategic disagreements, leadership changes and problems in Apple’s supply chain for Project Titan. Faced with so many setbacks, Cupertino would have realized that making your own car would be more difficult than imagined and, as time is money, changed the focus to start collecting as soon as possible with the auto industry.

Some speculate that if you follow through with the idea of ​​autonomous management platform and can reach agreements with manufacturers, Apple is closer to some companies to get know-how and, immediately following, have continued to manufacture its own model. If this Tramoia will actually be put into practice, it is another story. Let’s wait and see.

Via Bloomberg 9to5Mac

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