Apple could focus on drones to improve its service of maps as well as to provide different features compared to its main competitors on the market. The remarks come Bloomberg in an update today on the possible will to Cupertino to employ drones road maps, instead of the classic minivan.

The California company has inaugurated last year, thanks to some minivan in the United States, the collection of road images for display 360 degrees on their devices. Although the path is only the beginning than competitors already launched for years on this front, consider, for example to the service Google Street View, Cupertino would simultaneously pointing to differentiation : Also about the recent acquisitions of indorr .I and WifiSLAM, for capturing images inside buildings. To these, we might soon add drones.

As revealed by Bloomberg, the apple would like to take advantage of aerial images to collect more data with ease, such as traffic signals, construction areas, temporary changes of the road routes and the same capture 360 ​​images degrees. For this ultimate goal, in fact, the drones would prove far more rapid and immediate than the minivan, a feature that could greatly reduce the time for Cupertino, allowing a run more effectively to competitors. Also from Bloomberg, we learn how Apple seems to have already started the procedure to obtain the relevant authorization from Federal Aviation Administration for a procedure compatible with US laws. These require that, for the use of drones for the capture of images and video, the drones are to remain at a certain distance from people and buildings, and they can fly only during the day under the guidance of a licensed land pilots.

At the moment, we do not know if this connection will actually harbor, or when the first images collected by the drones will be available on the iOS Maps and MacOS. Just have to wait, therefore, for further confirmation from parts of California.