Apple has scaled so its net automotive ambitions: to be next big thing the automotive market and potential competitor to Tesla & Co., the company would decide to stay in “his” market, the technology, focusing investment on software for cars to autonomous driving. It is the contention of detailed Bloomberg report, according to which the company no longer has any intention of building a Apple Car: the team that originally covered about 1,000 items, it has been greatly reduced, including persons assigned to other duties, and those who have left the company.

Making use of anonymous sources familiar with the facts, Bloomberg in detail tells the story and the story of Project Titan, the division of Cupertino dedicated to building the presence of Apple in the automotive sector: inaugurated in 2014 with a dense network of recruitment Project Titan should have carried out the first car designed by Apple in 2020 so as to compete on equal terms with other competitors in the autonomous car market, expected to surge at this time .

But due to several uncertainties about the direction to follow and the ultimate goal, in late 2015 – early 2016 it was decided to clearly identify the purpose of Project Titan: Apple does not it would become a competitor to Tesla, but the manufacturer of a complete and advanced platform for autonomous driving. followed sad downsizing of the workforce : according to Bloomberg, which does not provide details about, we are in the order of several hundred people.

Resizing Project Titan however, would allow Apple to become a major name in the automotive segment: the means to create a hyper-developed platform we have, plus Apple might be working with several companies in the automotive partner level without feeling a direct competitor. Also, since entering a new market it is not easy even for a giant like Apple, this move would allow the company to stay in their own world, only partially and without encroaching ambitions of conquest.