In recent days, several users have received a number of invitations on the calendar spam iCloud, enough to find many appointments not required from an anonymous sender (usually with Chinese names). Spammers have targeted email account iCloud found on the web, without a specific target, and only Apple today apologized and ran for cover.

Apple has acknowledged the problem, apologizing to all those who received the spam invitations on iCloud calendar. The company has announced that is identifying and blocking senders and that is finding a permanent solution to stop this phenomenon. In the past we had seen cases of spam invitations iCloud on the calendar, but in recent weeks the number of reports has increased dramatically.

This is Apple’s statement:

We regret that some of our users are receiving spam invitations on the calendar. We are constantly working to solve this problem, identifying and stopping suspicious senders and spam invitations.

For those who receive these calls, the situation is not simple: once received the invitation, this can be rejected so as to remove the event from the calendar. Unfortunately, however, this refusal does not prevent senders to send another burst invitations, since there is no way to block calls from certain addresses.

At the moment, the only solution is to ignore these calls.