Apple acquires Regaind, a French computer-based startup company


Apple still purchases in the world of artificial intelligence : this time it comes to the French Regaind startup is specialized in the specific branch of "computer vision" (ie: teaching the computer to recognize what it sees). Originally, it was the news portal TechCrunch and Apple confirmed in its own way with the usual statement of circumstance:

Apple acquires small technology companies from time to time, and generally do not discuss our strategies publicly.

As Regaind's declares its flagship product is a API that allows you to obtain a "revolutionary" amount of information from a & # 39; image. If you find the image of a boat or of the sun or anything else is "easy" (!!), Regaind moves over and suggests the one that suits you best to the needs of the user.

The software analyzes contrast, colors, exposures, and other image properties to provide a more accurate result . There is also the possibility of identifying the faces in a photo, as well as any age, expression, and gender.

We will probably never know exactly how Regaind will contribute to Apple's cause, but maybe we'll remember in some keynote when Cook, Ive, and Partners will announce great progress in Photo Memory, for example.


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