AOC has presented a monitor with a refresh rate of 240 Hz


The AOC arsenal appeared a great monitor for gamers. The model is called AG251FZ and refers to the AGON series. Specifications 25-inch novelty on envy.

This is the fastest solution within the mentioned range. . such statements are not groundless device has a contrast ratio of 1000: 1 and response time at 1 ms

Another impressive refresh rate – 240 Hz Few competitors can boast of such The solution is based matrix TN with a resolution of 1920 by 1080… . points

With regard to the viewing angle, the number of the following -. 160 degrees vertical, 170 horizontal brightness up to 400 cd / m

Forget the image breaks. From this effect eliminates Adaptive-Sync technology. In addition, there is a Shadow Control – light areas of the image is darkened, dark -. On the contrary

Speed ​​is more important than graphics? Low Input Lag disable post-processing. Complement packaging HDMI 2.0, microphone jack, VGA, 4-port USB 3.0, 2 speakers 3 watts, DisplayPort 1.2, the standard audio output and DVI.

is not difficult slopes, rotation, transition to the portrait mode, changing the height and position of the screen. A useful bonus carrying handle provides a convenient


The remarkable thing is true, the price is impressive -. 499 . Euro Sales will begin in January 2017

Is this the fastest gaming monitor in the world -.? Amid all the holiday and Black Friday craziness, AOC has a new AGON monitor out – and touts it as the fastest gaming monitor in the world. We’re not talking megahertz or bandwidth but refresh rate, as the new AOC AGON AG251FZ can operate at up to 240Hz and has a response time of just 1ms. the 25-inch TN panel is aimed at high-end gaming, where seeing every frame is paramount.

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