Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of Apple’s retail, spoke of his plans to make more “human” Apple Store.

In an interview with Fortune, Angela Ahrendts reiterated that the bigger a company, the higher its responsibility in building something useful to the community: “ The Apple Store will always be closer to the people and They will become more human places. Our stores have become a reference point for the local community. ”

With this in mind, Apple will organize a series of events in the various Apple Store around the world, all of which aim to involve as many citizens. And inside the store, the staff will provide any advice, including on how to take better photos with an iPhone.

Small curiosity: When Tim Cook contacted her to offer him a key position in Apple, the Ahrendts said he knew nothing about technology; Cook replied with a joke: “ I think we have more than 10,000 technical experts here, you serve us for more!”.