from time to time in the network there are news about another vulnerability in the system of the Android operating system security. One of the reasons for this is the encryption that leaves much to be desired. Although that Android Nougat Google the company has moved away from not very reliable full-disk encryption (FDE) in favor of the protection at the file level, access to personal data can still be, since the encryption keys are stored in the device memory. If Apple will use in iOS is not at least four levels of protection for the developers, the Android Nougat are only two.

Matthew Green, a professor of cryptography at Johns Hopkins University, says that even if Google adds to Android More multiple layers of protection that remain millions of legacy applications to be as vulnerable as it is now, because the developers simply do not renew them.

“If you belong to the optimists, then you are sure to Android It moves in the right direction. And while Google may have to do a lot of work, even half-baked implementation of a system of protection on the basis of files better than the last generation of stupid FDE-encryption in Android. On the other hand, you may notice that the system is still in the damn low. In other words, in 2016 Android is still struggling to implement encryption, which Apple has used six more years ago. This does not bode well for long-term security of Android “, others – shared by Matthew Green

When said security director for Android Adrian Ludwig recently that smartphones Pixel and Pixel the XL reserved. no worse than the company Apple’s devices, and the number of Android-smartphone that are running potentially dangerous applications, less than 1%

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