TrendForce Analysts have estimated smartphone market in the third quarter of this year. According to their data, for the last quarter of 349 778 000 units were produced in the world, which is 10.4% more than in the previous quarter.

Nearly half, 168 million units were produced by Chinese manufacturers. In this case, qoq growth has already reached 18%.

market leader, as before, is Samsung. The company has released in the last quarter to 78 million units, occupying 22.3% of the market. Compared with the second quarter showed an increase of 1.3%.

In the case of Apple, which ranked second with a share of 12.9%, produced 45 million smartphones, which corresponds to a decrease of 5.3%.

Huawei Chinese giant quarterly issued 32 million units, thus taking third place with a share of 9.1%. The Company issued 10.3% more smartphones than in the previous quarter.

Next housed Oppo (the share of 6.1%, an increase of 20,3%), LG (20 million smartphones, share of 5.7%, an increase of 17.6%) and Vivo (share of 5.2% growth 23%). In addition, the source said on the 20 percent rise in Lenovo and seven percent decrease from Xiaomi.