Strategy Analytics, LeEco company is the fastest growing brand in the smartphone market this year. If the Chinese giant sold 3.9 million units, by the end of this it is expected that the sale will amount to about 25 million units, an increase of 541% in the past year.

This not only makes LeEco in the fastest growing brand among manufacturers of smartphones, but supposedly will bring the company on the 11th place among the world leaders. However, regarding the last statement is in doubt, but the results of the year show. Total for the year, calculated as the analysts will be sold 1.449 billion smartphones that will match the growth of only 2.4%.

Of course, this result is due to the fact that LeEco only recently entered the market and this is only the beginning of this year and seriously expand the range and geography of sales. Whether a beginner be able to move already recognized by the Chinese counterparts, only time will tell.