According to message published on Twitter Dr. Serkan Toto staff, Director executive of the Japanese consulting firm Kantan Games, the game Super Mario Run (iOS / Android) is not being developed by Nintendo but by his partner DeNA . The information goes against what was said by Shigeru Miyamoto during an interview with the magazine TIME immediately after official presentation the game in the conference Apple held in early September.

At the time, the creator of Mario said he was in charge of game production, and pointed Takashi Tezuka as a developer, noting that the mobile service provider DeNA is working on expanding and customizing the gameplay. The analyst Kantan Games made it clear that Nintendo is responsible for the design and direction of Super Mario Run in Kyoto, while DeNA takes care of the part related to the development of engineering in Tokyo.

Toto also points out that news about ” NX ” – next generation Nintendo console to be released in March 2017 – should come next week more precisely on Wednesday -feira October 26, when Nintendo will meet with shareholders and investors to discuss financial results for the second quarter of the current fiscal year (July to September). Finally, it is worth noting that although Dr. Serkan Toto is a respected analyst in the gaming industry, this information on Super Mario Run and the “NX” should still be regarded as rumor until it is confirmed by Nintendo.