AMD opens new horizons


AMD company is very interested in the success of the new processor architecture Zen, like fans of powerful gaming PCs, as well as in the field of supercomputers and servers. Currently, she is in a situation similar to the one that prevailed before the release of the first processor Athlon (K7) – at that time the company had some good chips K6-2 and K6-III, but they used an outdated platform and have low productivity when working with data with floating point. We needed a breakthrough, breakthrough technology – a breakthrough and AMD was able to accomplish. Zen is to repeat the success of Athlon in 2017, and the company is doing everything to exactly what happened.

It looked like AMD triumph in 1999

Recently, on the official company website there was a notice about New Horizon event, which takes place on December 13 and will begin at 15:00 (3:00 PM) at the time CST (standard North American time) in the city of Austin, . Texas, USA to the Russian Federation it will be December 14 00:00 -. because of the time difference in the respective regions Subscribe to Livestream broadcast viewing is possible in the same place, enough to fill a simple online form Russian-speaking enthusiasts who want to watch the broadcast, it seems. ., will have to go to bed later And Advanced Micro Devices promises to see to what

 And these characteristics it may have in 2016


And these characteristics it may have in 2017

The company is going to literally live for the first time officially show processors Zen Summit Ridge in the case, moreover, will be involved Legends eSports, such as representatives of Team Evil Geniuses and other specially invited guests. In other words, AMD is clearly emphasizes the gaming capabilities Summit Ridge and considers that the New Horizon is required viewing for anyone seriously interested in the latest games on the PC platform. News show will be known game journalist Geoff Keighley (Geoff Keighley). Well, it has to wait for translation. On the page dedicated to the event, there is counter indicating the remaining time before the broadcast .


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