After announcing expansion also in Europe (UK and Germany) of Amazon Echo the Jeff Bezos company would be to work on a new variant of its premium speaker with voice commands, characterized by the presence of 7-inch touchscreen display .

Characterized by a bigger body than the current version, according to the latest information emerged, therefore, will integrate the new version, then in addition to a 7-inch display tilted you can be displayed by all users in any context, from sitting or standing, even a new type of high-quality speakers .

in the same way to existing devices, the new version will base its research content through a series of voice commands that, in the event, will be much more simplified and able to provide answers about the weather forecast, calendar appointments and news .

Unknown for now prices and availability of this new premium variant, however, should be submitted in first months of 2017 with a slightly higher cost of the current models for sale .

Giuseppe Ricchiari VIA VIA