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Amazon is with plans to expand its services, and now looking for a way to break through in Europe to act as a provider of Internet . According to a new Information’s report, the giant is considering selling access to broadband directly to users there.

A source publication revealed that the maneuver would also group the streaming service Amazon Prime videos, which would transform the company into a full service provider. Including laws and regulations of European countries operate with less bureaucracy than in the US, where the company already offers many services. So come to countries like Germany and the UK would be something quiet, since Amazon would not need to build your own network.

The news came a very positive way for Europeans and for the Amazon. However, testing a service of band wide in Europe does not mean that Amazon will implement the same strategy in his homeland, the United States. The US regulator, called FCC, would not require that suppliers sell access to their networks, unlike what happens in some European countries.

Source: The Information

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