[19459006TheENELpowerplant] Reuters reports today the news that Amazon would open a negotiating table with ENEL to convert some old disused power plants in northern Italy in the data center to allocate for cloud services.

The e-commerce giant is the leader in the infrastructure market for cloud, with sales in the third quarter of 2016 are increased by 55% compared with the same period last year.

Italy so would represent the fifth European country identified by Amazon Web Services for the expansion of its services, after having invested in Ireland, Germany and the UK, and especially after announcing the upcoming opening of new data centers in the Paris area. The economic and financial effort needed for the conversion of old systems is particularly important, estimated to be approximately 1 billion EUR but it represents a business opportunity for AWS unprecedented thanks to the decision by ENEL to dismantle part of its assets deemed obsolete for more focus on offering innovative and renewable resource networks.

This is not the first time that Amazon decides to invest in a major way in our country: logistics center of Piacenza cost 450 million EUR and will soon be made a second near Rome .

There are 23 ENEL stations intended to be disposed of, and Amazon would be interested in buying only a part of these, including the center of Trino (VC) and Piacenza.

The proposed acquisition by Amazon of decommissioned plants from ENEL has already arrived in Parliament and will be further discussed at the political level in the coming days.

The ENEL power plant of Trino Startlr Tech SOURCE