Amazon might want to become ISP and provide Connectivity to broadband in Europe. According to reports by The Information, the colossus of ‘ commerce he would be studying the possibility of upgrading your subscription Prime in Europe to offer further service as a kind of internet subscription. As the source points out, becoming an internet provider in Europe would allow Amazon to offer even more easily all the other services Prime available today in America as his Internet TV streaming.

The European legislation on Internet connectivity, such as those of Germany and England, simplify the arrival of a new provider because a company can easily rent a network without having to build from scratch. In America, however, most of the broadband providers limit access to their network. Amazon could, therefore, rent a network to provide access to broadband internet maybe combining it with an offer ad hoc television. The company, in this way, could also improve its revenues by selling more services in the same package. This is obviously speculation but the ecommerce giant is expanding its activities for some time, even outside of the pure e-commerce.

In Europe, it switched to resell the internet is quite easy and does not require large infrastructure investments. Therefore, a giant like Amazon could easily take out some agreements with several national providers to offer all-inclusive packages that could include not only Internet access but also the use of extra services such as television. All for Prime subscribers.

In the coming months, probably, if we know more if you really Amazon has decided to become an Internet service provider in Europe.