Amazon wants the old and discontinued central ENEL in Italy to turn them into web farm . According to Reuters, which launched the rumor, the colossus of ‘ commerce would point to want to convert the ENEL power stations to turn them into data centers for its services cloud that matters to expand in country.

Amazon, remember, is not just a huge online store because it also offers advanced cloud-based services which is one of the market leaders. In the third quarter of 2016, its activity related to cloud services increased by 55% over the previous year. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the division of the cloud services of ecommerce giant, recently announced that it would open data centers in the Paris region, after investing in Ireland, Germany and the United Kingdom. According to sources, Amazon will invest up to 1 billion euro to convert the plants in Italy.

ENEL for its part, is divesting its old plant to focus on renewable energies and this would allow them to get rid of its old power grid infrastructure. ENEL, in particular, plans to dismantle 23 plants and Amazon would be affected by some of these, particularly those of Trino in the northwestern region of Piedmont, of The Box near the city of Piacenza.

The interest of Amazon for ENEL power plants, however, is not new. Last July in fact, the possible agreement between ENEL and the ecommerce giant climbed the headlines for exactly the same reason.

Since then he knew nothing more, at least until now. If Amazon really arrive in Italy with its web farm will be yet another investment the ecommerce giant in the country after the recent announcement of the new logistics center built near Rieti .