Amazon Video has released the first content in Dolby Vision . Dolby’s proprietary technology is used to manage HDR ( High Dynamic Range ). Unlike HDR10 (the format free of royalties), Dolby Vision employs metadata dynamic and can therefore optimize the video also intervening frame by frame. In addition to high dynamic range is also offered support for expanded gamut , capable of ensuring a richer, more realistic color reproduction.

At the moment the only title available in Dolby Vision is the second season of the series “ Bosch “, made directly from Amazon. Amazon Video can also buy some Sony titles, again in Dolby Vision. The films are available “ The Smurfs 2 “, “ After Earth “, “ Pineapple Express “, “ Fury “,” Men in Black 3 Hancock “, “ Salt “, “ The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Electro power “,” Chappie “and” Elysium . “

Dolby and Amazon did not provide a list of compatible TV. however, we know that at the time, only OLED TV and LCD Super UHD LG (from the range 2016), plus some models Vizio , are certified Dolby Vision. Soon should be available a TV made by TCL . it must be stated that in the official press release are only TV LG shown, which is why we believe that only products manufactured by the Korean brand is currently compatible. Curt Behlmer , SVP, Content Solutions and Industry Relations at Dolby Laboratories, said:

The ecosystem Dolby Vision emerging as the best way to take advantage of exciting content with a wide dynamic range and ultra-vivid color. With the increasing number of TV compatible with Dolby Vision, the Amazon’s commitment marks another step forward in providing consumers exceptional films and original content that come to life on screen.

Jim Freeman , Vice President of Amazon Video, added:

We are excited to offer our customers access to titles in Dolby Vision. This is just the beginning. We will continue to expand our catalog, adding other films and TV series that offer the HDR premium video quality.

PS: remember that Amazon Video is currently not available in Italy.

Nicola Zucchini Buriani VIA