Amazon US trading platform with the aim to prevent the spread of fake reviews established to limit the number of comments that users post on goods are not purchased. So, now users will be able to leave on such goods only five reviews per week. This change will apply to most of the products that can be found on the website. It should be noted that the restriction does not affect those products that are purchased by users – they are people can post as many comments

by Bloomberg

Earlier this year, Amazon launched to sue the sellers that pay users for posting accolades for their products. After this trading platform introduced more severe restrictions for companies that offer free products to users in exchange for an increase of its rating.

in October, Amazon announced that it had put an end to “motivated guests.” while direct reward users for posting laudatory reviews sellers do not have the right, there was a loophole. So, the users, according to the prevailing rules of the previous month, the site could leave positive feedback and in return receive free products or products at a discount. Now, such reviews can be left on the site only through its own Amazon system called Vine.

Amazon also reserved the right to prohibit users to post reviews when they send their “unusually large amount “for a short period of time. This new site rule does not apply to books.