Amazon Echo present a speaker with touch


Amazon would work on another smart speaker that can be controlled via voice commands. According to sources contacted by Bloomberg, the new model will have a form quite different from that of the current Echo as the Seattle company expected the addition of a touchscreen. The announcement of the gadget is expected early next year.

The new Echo will not have a cylindrical shape, but will have a design more similar to that of a tablet. Amazon would have decided to integrate an screen 7-inch touch that will allow access in a more simple news, calendar appointments, weather, and other content. The size of the device will obviously be higher and the space will be used to complement higher-quality speakers. The speaker can be tilted up to allow the screen display when the user is standing.

On the new model will install a modified version of Fire OS the operating system of the tablet Fire and Fire TV set-top box. The user can interact through voice commands and perform operations with personal Alexa assistant’s help. Amazon will also include a feature that allows you to “pin” photos or other items to the screen.

There is no information on price, but definitely need to purchase a higher sum than that required by today’s speakers. Echo and Echo Dot are available in Germany for € 179.99 and 59.99, while Amazon Tap ($ 179.99) is on sale in the US alone.

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