I counterfeit products have been a major issue of Amazon for years and even a recent lawsuit has shown that 90% of the “official” charger sold within the ‘ eShop are actually false. Amazon has finally decided to take action against fraudsters trying to clean his marketplace . Bloomberg News reports that Amazon has recognized, internally, that the problem of counterfeit products is worsening and that the fight against this phenomenon will be a major goal for next year.

Amazon is preparing a Log of products to prevent counterfeiting, simultaneously working with brands inviting them to register with your site even if you do not expect to sell products within the eShop. Amazon also ask retailers to get permission to brand before selling their products in the marketplace. The ecommerce giant is experimenting with the creation of this register together with Nike and other major brands but for next year will address many other important brands to convince them to sell their products within the eShop. In fact, the phenomenon of counterfeit products has, in the past, discouraged many big names to sell their products directly to Amazon.


The counterfeit goods in fact, is often sold at lower prices than those of the original products going with time to promote the sale of fake products with users, however, unaware that the property purchased it was not, in fact, the original.

Bloomberg News reports that Amazon has tried to convince the NFL and MLB to sell their merchandise through its online store, but that talks would have stalled because of lack of control over counterfeit products inside the platform sale.