Amazon has just announced a new service called “ AWS Snowmobile ” that is an innovative way to the data transport . Basically, Amazon offers a container of 45 feet in length (nearly 14 meters) transported through an ordinary truck, where cramming hard drives of its data center and able to store up to 100 petabytes of data . This container where the data is then transported from Amazon until its data center where content is uploaded on its servers cloud (Amazon Glacier or Amazon Simple Storage Service are stored).

The container is air-conditioned and consumes only about 350KW of power for the cooling system. The container can be safely parked near the premises of the customer and Amazon will also provide a generator in case the company is not able to sustain it. Each container has a high-speed network cable can support a terabits per second data transfer. Thanks to the high-speed data copying can be completed within 10 days. This service is addressed primarily to those who manage huge amounts of data such as media, scientific and entertainment companies.


“AWS Snowmobile” help, then, all those companies that still rely on an old stuffed full infrastructure of hard drives to switch to more modern solutions such as cloud. In this way, companies will spend less money in managing their old now insufficient network infrastructure to handle massive amounts of data.

Amazon has not specified how much it will cost but the companies concerned may contact the company to discuss the details of the data transfer and migration on Amazon’s cloud servers.

For companies, therefore, the colossus of ‘ commerce has devised an interesting value-added service that will greatly facilitate the migration towards a modern cloud-based infrastructure.