Also available in Italy smart home accessories TP-Link


Presented for the first time at CES 2017, arriving in Italy accessories TP-Link dedicated the house "smart" and also compatible with iOS devices.

The Smart LED bulbs allow full home lighting control. LB100 (29 €) and LB110 (39 €) allow regulating the light intensity, while the model LB120 (49 €) allows both the light adjustment both of the color temperature in order to provide the user with both a fluorescent brightness than incandescent. TP-Link has also created a mode called " Circadian Mode ", which is activated in the morning and allows for a gentle wake up, thanks progressive power of the light bulb. Finally, the LB130 bulb (59 €) allows it to be adjusted to the desired color temperature, up to reach any gradient in the spectrum.

All TP-Link Smart LED bulbs can be personalized via the ' app Kasa through which users can control all their smart devices of TP-Link.

E 'available also in Italy NC450 camera HD WiFi day & night, for real-time monitoring of the home. This camera can be controlled by the application tpCamera and is equipped with a motion detection system and noise, by sending related notifications. In addition, the contact sensor CS100 controls and notifies the opening and closing of doors and windows, while the MS100 sensor detects the movement and ambient light.

The Smart LED bulbs and NC450 camera (99 €, now on offer for € 89 ) are currently available in the best stores authorized.

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