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The positive reception of Pixel smartphones by critics left investors Alphabet of laughing for no reason. It is also not less. On Tuesday (19), the parent company of shares of Google closed the New York trading session worth US $ 821.49 each – a high of US $ 7.28 from US $ 814.21 that opened the activities.

In their analysis, the famous journalist Walt Mossberg said the device is “easily the best” Android he could already test. He also tore praise the Assistant and the device’s camera system, but found the battery life as one of the device’s weaknesses. As for Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch, the high point of the new smartphone is the camera that offers “a photo and video experience formidable.” Nevertheless, he believes that Apple and the iPhone 7 still capture the colors better.

In addition to the two journalists, several reviews appeared on the web yesterday, and in general, spoke highly of Pixel. Officially, the devices will only begin to reach the public on Thursday, day 20, and then yes we will have a sense of how it will welcome, if it will sell well and especially to yield profit for Google.

Judging from the high of the shares, which came to be worth a whopping $ 828.81 a certain point in yesterday’s trading session, investors are excited and confident that everything will work out. And to you?

Via Bloomberg

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