Amazon has just announced three new important services of Artificial Intelligence for its Amazon Web Services . These services enable developers who are supported by AWS to build applications and Web sites that can interact with the end user in a more natural and interactive.

Amazon Lex : is the technology behind Alexa, which allows you to interact with the user using natural language and hit-and-answer conversations Amazon Polly : is a system of advanced speech synthesis that turns text into speech. It has available 47 realistic voices in 24 languages. Amazon Rekognition : is a service of analysis of images that is based on deep learning to recognize objects and faces.

Among the partners who have already adopted this technology preview we find, among others, Motorola, NASA and Duolingo. For the moment, however, the availability remains very limited:

Lex: Only US East (North Virginia); Polly and Rekognition: US East (North Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon) and EU (Dublin).

Over the next few months, however, it will expand to other regions. To learn more, please visit the page on the AWS website.