Today afford a cheap drone can practically everyone, with many start to use managed aircraft for other purposes and to fly in the wrong place. Company Airspace presented the eponymous drone, designed to deal with violators of air: he finds drones in the air and knocks them


Airspace uses machine learning technology, which is why the autonomous capabilities of the system are constantly improved. The owner of the aircraft will be able to find a nearby flying drones using a mobile application and the “play off” on them Airspace. Also, the drone-hunter can find objects in the air on their own, “using machine vision and in-depth training to detect anomalies in the sky and classification drones violators.” For security reasons, instead of contact immediately destroy the goal, Airspace will throw on the aircraft network to then return the drone on the landing pad.

«Airspace – the only protective drone, able to identify, monitor and independently dispose of malevolent drones in the sky. Our hardware and software specially created for this test and get better with each mission, so you will be able to defend its airspace at the touch of a finger “– stated in the product description on the official website


It is not known when the Airspace go on sale, how much the system will cost and to whom it will be available. The creators of the drone are positioning it as a system that will be able to use law enforcement agencies, state and even private organizations that do not want to see flying here and there, drones, equipped with cameras. It is hoped that the Airspace system will be available for purchase and ordinary users.